durable box designed for efficiency

All steel construction ensures product


4-way entry pallet base for superior handling


Suitable for both containerised and break-bulk


Smart Solutions,

Versatile Applications



setup and knock down

Stack up
to 11 or 13

high without need for a racking system

Designed to


the packing density in 20' and 40' ISO sea containers

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    Goodpack's IBCs are the dominant synthetic rubber packaging for producers around the world. Proven for SBR, Butyl, PBR and EPDM, the MB5 protects the rubber in transit, reducing contamination and product loss. There is no risk of contamination by wood or wood chips and no fumigation is needed.

    A removable wall allows discharge to be completed one bale at a time with a lifting arm. The enclosed fork slots allow the box to be rotated for quick discharge of all bales. The hinged walls enable easy knockdown and stacking of the empty boxes for return and re-use.

    Natural rubber can also be quickly and easily discharged by direct discharge or by rotational discharge. Natural rubber packed in Goodpack IBCs stay in shape, providing unhindered access to the product and saving material handling time.

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    Fruit Juices and Concentrates

    Goodpack IBCs are designed to address the needs of the juice market, both single strength and concentrate. They can be fitted with a hygienic food-grade barrier or non-barrier plastic bladder. The IBCs can be rotated and the product dumped, or the top of the bag can be cut open and product pumped from the top.

    Our IBCs are used for large volumes of apple, grape and pineapple juice concentrates on a global scale. An all-steel construction eliminates the need for fumigation or heat treatment, and eliminates problems such as rotting wood, wood chips and other HACCP related issues.

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    Tomato and Citrus

    Goodpack IBCs have a built-in pallet designed to move easily through standard conveyor lines, and outside dimensions suitable for all standard paste dumpers. All IBCs are set-up easily with no requirements for external strapping and is functional in wet wash down environments.

    For aseptic diced tomato, both packing and shipping effectiveness are maximised for the 20’ sea container. For emptying of citrus, the container can be rotated and the product dumped, or the product pumped from the top.

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    Dairy and Fats

    To meet the stringent demands of the dairy industry, Goodpack provides an all-steel, galvernized IBC, fully cleaned and suitable for passing through critical hygiene areas. The Goodpack MB4 has a bottom side discharge hole allowing for the gravity feed decanting of the IBC in a liquid state or discharging from the top-filling valve.

    Due to the steel nature of Goodpack IBCs, manufacturers can preheat the IBCs in a steam room or heating tunnel rather than using internal heating elements and heating blankets in order to liquefy the product. Heater elements can also be incorporated as required.

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    The automotive parts industry has mostly been using wood and corrugated containers to move their products between countries. This poses many problems such as the need to treat the wood and the cost and inconvenience of disposing packaging for the end user. Goodpack IBCs can help solve these problems.

Rental system


CAPEX and end-user cost for labour, storage and disposal

All Goodpack IBCs are rented so there is

No Capital Outlay


of handling volume fluctuation

Online access to order,
stock management and KPI tracking.



costly returns of empty containers

No disposal


no packaging waste


for full track and trace


* Compared to 5 other IBCs and drums: bottle in cage IBC, plastic container IBC, metal drum, wooden crate and a one-way palletized paper corrugated IBC


Rental Agreement

Under a trip rental agreement, each trip starts with the Goodpack IBC being delivered to the customer's specified location and ends with the pick-up of the IBC by Goodpack at the customer's consignee.

Customers may rent Goodpack IBCs for a period of 1 year of more. During the rental period, customers are free to use the IBC in any location according to their business requirements whilst being responsible for the maintenance of the IBC. Upon expiry of the rental lease, Goodpack will collect the IBC at the location pre-specified by the customer at the start of the leasing period.

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